Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks, Y'all!

Can I just say how thankful I am for my family? God has given us 2 beautiful, sweet, loving little girls who keep amazing us every day. We are blessed beyond anything we could want for, and so many times we take it all for granted. Even after having a beautiful baby boy taken from us, we are no different from everyone else...we still take life and our many blessings for granted. Today I am reflecting on God's faithfulness. We don't deserve His grace, but thankfully His grace covers us and we are saved from ourselves because of Him.

Sally Sharp at 3 and a half months (She's 4 months now but I am behind on posting pics). I love her big eyes and long eyelashes.

I love the high heels and pearls with her Minnie costume :), and yes, she is still wearing her Minnie costume almost daily. Can you guess what she is getting for Christmas?

I know it may seem strange that I posted this picture, but for some reason I love it! Not a care in the world...just playing with her jeep in her Minnie costume!

Grandaddy and Avi a couple of Saturdays ago at our house.

We are also thankful for wonderful Grandparents who spend so much time with our children. (Sorry this is the only picture of grandparents was the most recent one I have taken). But, between Drew and I and our parents, we definitely have 2 very loved children that we are beyond thankful for today and every day. Thanks Grandparents for always spending time with our children and giving them so much love.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Love for Unique Items & Shutterfly

So, friends, here’s the deal. I love all things creative…I’m not saying I am the best at actually making creative things by any means, but I am in love with and thoroughly enjoy obsess over fabrics, colors, furniture—old and new, oil paintings—florals, still lifes, portraits, interesting papers and cards, and pretty much anything else you can think of along those lines. It just makes my heart happy. I could spend my life searching antique malls and just random stores that carry unique items. Anything that is out of the ordinary…I love it.

You may be asking yourself why I am telling you all of this. So, I’ll tell you! One place I enjoy spending time on is They have unique and interesting Christmas cards, gift tags, address labels, birthday invitations, and photo books., among other fun items. I have ordered multiple items from Shutterfly…my Christmas card from last year was created by Shutterfly (If I had a scanner at home, I would post my actual card from last year). I'm planning to order my Christmas card from Shutterfly this year as well. My favorites this year are...well I have lots of favorites, but here are 3 that I really love: Family Wall Red, Swirling Ornaments, and Initially Yours. I think each of these designs is unique and fun, and you will probably be seeing one of these cards in the mail during December, unless I find another Shutterfly card that I love even better between now and then :).

Okay, so here's what I haven't told you yet. You need to blog about Shutterfly too! The awesome site is offering bloggers the opportunity to get 50 free holiday cards. You should sign up to receive the cards yourself

Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby Talk

I love to hear Sally Sharp squeal and talk. She especially likes to squeal when she is watching her mobile. So much fun. In other SS news, she has thankfully pretty well developed her morning nap. About 2 weeks ago she started stretching out her morning nap to between an hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours. Her other naps are kind of hit or miss...she will wake up about 45 minutes into a nap, but she is still sleepy. It can be frustrating, but it is very sweet to cuddle with her when she still needs to sleep. She has also begun going down in her bassinet (yep, she's still in the bassinet at almost 4 months--and she sleeps in our laundry room, but that is for another post and another day!) very well for naps without crying, and she does the same at night for bedtime. She is still getting up once to eat at night, but goes back down very easily. As long as she is going back to sleep, I can handle it. There for a while, I thought she'd never get the hang of "it's still the middle of the night...please go back to sleep!" Oh well, the joys of motherhood :). We are just so blessed and thankful for 2 healthy sweet girls.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sweet Saturday

Isn't this the sweetest face ever?

While there was nothing particularly exciting about our Saturday, it was a pleasant day nonetheless. We spent most of the day around the house. The girls were sweet and we enjoyed the nice (but cooler) weather outside.

Sally Sharp is really talking and kicking her legs these days, which moves her all around when she's looking at her mobile. She started laughing out loud this past week, which I love! It's so sweet. Avi Grace still loves on her baby sister all the time, and Sally Sharp is keeping her eyes on Avi more and more! Much fun in the future for these too, I'm sure!