Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Random Pictures

We spent most of our time in October moving and trying to get each room livable in the new house, but there were some fun pictures I took that don't really go with any other posts!

 Avi and I did an impromptu photo session one beautiful afternoon. We had fun. She was actually standing on a hay bale, but I didn't have a ladder or anything to get me high  enough to make that effective. Oh well, maybe next time!

 This little thing used to ALWAYS fall asleep on the way home from daycare (and most mornings on the way to daycare)! She just couldn't stay awake! She was so tired by the end of the day :). She has always fallen asleep in the car, and she still has a habit of doing that, but she is now able to stay awake on the way to and from daycare, thankfully!

 Look at their matching PJs! Aren't they cute?!

Sally Sharp loves to touch (or pinch or hit or kick) Avi! She was actually trying to point and touch the monkey on Avi's shirt in this picture (little did she know she had the same monkey on her own shirt!). Sweet times!

And Then We Moved...

As we were preparing to move, the girls found new toys to play with! I mean, who doesn't love a huge plastic box? They had fun switching back and forth from one box to another (Avi's idea for sure)!

As you can see it was a typical move...stuff everywhere for a while! We started moving the second weekend in October. It has taken a while, but we finally have all the rooms set up (just put my bookshelf and desk in my office yesterday). I still have furniture to recover, rugs to purchase and general decorating to do, but it is coming together slowly but surely!

I took this picture of the back of the house about the time we moved in. We have really enjoyed the patio and deck area on the back of the house. When the weather is nice we have left the patio door open and the girls can go in and out and play. We are loving it.

As you can see, the front exterior was still a bit of a work in progress when we moved in! The shutters had to be hung. It took forever to get the shutters stained and hung, but finally, it was completed. I will have to post another picture of the house with the shutters hung on a later post!

Rock Creek Stump Jump 50k

On October 1, Drew ran the Rock Creek Stump Jump 50k (trail run) in Chattanooga. He was in fabulous shape and completely ready for the race. He had been training hard for the event. We took the weekend for ourselves (thanks grandparents) and enjoyed some time in the mountains. Drew really enjoyed the race, but unfortunately suffered a fall during during the last 15 miles of the race. Despite the fall, he managed to finish the race and still placed 24th out of 375 people who finished the race (many did not finish). After the race, he had a lot of pain in his knee, and since then he has been dealing with an IT band injury. While it seems the fall did not cause the IT band injury, it did aggravate it and bring it to the surface. It has been difficult for him to temporarily give up on his running plans. He got some relief from physical therapy and a shot, but recently during a run it started feeling just as badly as it did in the beginning. He has resigned himself to riding the bike for now, but hopefully he will be able to run again in the near future after some rest for his knee!

Drew right before the start of the race!
(Don't know who the girl is, LOL, she just happened to be
standing next to Drew when I took the picture!)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sally Sharp Started Walking!

Drew just knew Sally Sharp would start walking while he was away on his hiking trip, but thankfully she saved it for the day after he got back! It was almost as if she knew she needed to wait until he was home to take those first real steps! She was 14 months when she started walking. Below is a video of the first day she started walking.

I had to also throw in a few random pictures of the girls that I took while Drew was on his trip! We had fun, and the week went by quicker than I thought it would.

Sally Sharp took her first ride in the Barbie jeep. She LOVED it! She just sat there and let Avi ride her around. And, no, I didn't make Avi wear the helmet...she insisted on wearing it!

This girl can eat. She loves food. I think this picture was taken while she was eating her first muffin, and she loved it. I'm not sure why she was rolling her eyes up, but this picture makes me laugh! She's a funny girl with lots of personality!