Tuesday, December 14, 2010

3 Year & 4 Month Checkups

I took Avi and Sally Sharp for their 3 year and 4 month checkups respectively about a week and a half ago. We never made it to Avi's 2 year checkup (!), so I was curious to see how tall she was. I was also very curious to see how much Sally Sharp weighed. They had both grown a lot and got a thumbs up on their development! See below for details.
Sally Sharp:
Weight--14 pounds 10 ounces (90%)
Length--25 inches (90%)

Her smile is infectious!

She's also doing a lot of sucking on her fists and fingers these days. She's been a bit fussy the past few days, and she's drooling like a faucet, so if I didn't know any better, I'd say she was teething (even though it is really too early for that in my opinion!).

Look who's exersaucing! She's still working on figuring out how to use her hands appropriately while in the fun contraption, but she enjoys being able to look around.

Avi Grace:
Weight--31 pounds (75%)
Height--38 3/4 inches (90%)

She enjoys reading to Sally Sharp :).

Monday, December 13, 2010

New Hats & A Movie

Avi wearing her "303" glasses, as she calls them LOL, from the movie!

Those of you on Facebook already know that I took Avi to her first movie at a theater on Saturday, but I also wanted to make sure it was documented here. We went to see Tangled, and she loved it. She even wore her 3D glasses the entire time without a fuss. During the movie, she would turn to me and raise her shoulders and just giggle! It was adorable. She is still too light to sit in one of the theater seats without it closing up on her, so she spent some time sitting in my lap and she sat in her chair just leaning forward. At one point I leaned forward, and she told me I needed to sit back! At the end of the movie when Rapunzel found her real parents, Avi said out loud (about Rapunzel and her mom), "They match!" We had a great time, and I can't wait to go to another movie with her soon.

Aren't these hats adorable? A girl from West Point whipped these up for me. They are faces of "girl cows." I think they are so cute, and the girls enjoyed wearing them yesterday for the first time! I got them on Friday, just in the nick of time for this crazy freezing weather!!