Monday, September 24, 2012

Field Trip

On Sept. 24, I went on a field trip with Avi's PreK class to the MSU Cow and Dairy Barns. The kids had fun learning about what MSU does on South Farm.

Avi and McCoy Huxford on the bus ride to the field trip.

William White showed the kids what is in a cow's stomach after he eats (the cow has an opening  you can stick your hand in...pretty gross if you ask me, but some of the kids loved it!).

Avi and Allie Randall...they play together EVERY day at school. Allie's mom (Carrie Beth) and I were good friends in high school and graduated together :). 

Avi's class at the dairy barn.

You can tell what Avi thought of the dairy cows...

Avi and Celia...they were in daycare together and played lots and lots of days together! They are both in PreK at SA, but they are different classes.

At the end of the field trip, Avi told me, "next time, I wanna go by myself." I guess that's payback for all the times I didn't want my mom to go anywhere with me!


I went to the beach with a couple of friends in September, and we had the most relaxing, wonderful couple of days with absolutely perfect, could not ask for better weather! The first day we were on the beach, there was a perfect circle ring of color around the sun. It was pretty spectacular...there's a technical term for it, but I don't remember what it is, so I will call it a beautiful ring around the sun!

Fun time with friends!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Avi!

How did my baby grow to be 5 years old already?

 She got to eat a birthday cupcake for breakfast on her birthday (chocolate icing of course). She thought that was pretty cool...probably the last time she ever thinks anything I do is cool.

 Sally sharp had her usual of "ogurt" for breakfast that morning :)

 Sweet girls before we left for school. I sent cupcakes to school with Avi to celebrate her birthday with her classmates.

 We met Mimi and Nana at Oby's for birthday supper (her choice).

She got MSU pom poms from Mimi for her birthday and a cool kid's camera from Nana.

 On the 16th (the day we got home from Sam's wedding), we celebrated Avi's birthday with her friends with a party at ACPA, the local gymnastics place. The theme was Peppa Pig!

If you are not familiar with Peppa Pig, she is from a British cartoon. She lives with her Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and little brother George, ha! We watch Peppa ALL the time.

She took pictures with her new camera.

 They did cartwheels!

They jumped on trampolines.

They jumped into the foam pit!

They jumped in jumpers.

They did handstands.

And they walked on balance beams! 

 They also chilled and posed for pictures :)

Miss thang (Sally Sharp) was ruling the roost as usual...she had lots of fun too.

Avi has been taking gymnastics for 2 years now, and she loves it! Instead of gifts this year, we collected books to donate to the kidney transplant children at Children's Hospital of Alabama.

Sam's Wedding

The weekend of Sept. 15, we went to Sylacauga, AL to drew's cousin's wedding. Sam & Mary Jane got hitched at a gorgeous farm/golf course outside of Sylacouga, FarmLinks. We really enjoyed the weekend and getting to spend time with Drew's family.

The girls had so much fun playing with their cousin, Walt, for the weekend.

Each cottage had its own golf carts, which made life a lot more fun!

Drew's aunt Susan did an AMAZING job with the rehearsal dinner (Susan's cousin Marsha did all the decorations). We all had so much fun that night!

A trip down memory lane with old family pictures...

The S'mores bar...a big hit!

This old window came out of Sam's (the groom) great grandmother's home. It listed the names of the guests and what table each person was assigned to sit.

Food is always a good thing for the little ones!

Laura and I were KDs together at State, and her family is also good friends with Drew's aunt.

Cory and Susan

Lindsey, Sam, and Judy

I always enjoy spending time with Lindsey. She's a fantastic gal.

So much fun to see Lizzy and spend time with her!

The bride and groom (Mary Jane and Sam)

A very rare picture...Cory and Drew with their mother, Gayle

The day of the wedding, the kids had a lot of time to play, and Sally Sharp hammed it up for everyone.

All dressed up!

Lindsey and AnnaClaire with the girls

And of course, Nana and the girls

I love her curls.

At the end of the ceremony after they were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Sam McAllister

Sam and his mom Susan

Granddaddy (Drew's grandfather) with Mary Jane and Sam