Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blood Mountain

After the boys came back from their run and ate lunch, they headed out with Avi on a mission to climb Blood Mountain. Avi was super excited, but I was a bit skeptical that she would actually do it. Blood Mountain is a 2.5 mile climb with 1500 vertical feet of elevation gain. Drew says she did an excellent job, and of course Jon Jon gave her a big boost in attitude to make it to the top.

Avi at the start of the Blood Mountain climb.

Stone steps up the trail.

Avi found a big rock and decided she would hold it up for a while :).

Jonathan was patient with Avi as they tried to make it back to the bottom before the rain started.

Entrance to the Blood Mountain shelter.

Avi enjoyed playing on the big rocks on top of Blood Mountain. She especially loved playing hide and seek around the rocks with Drew and Jonathan (according to her, that was her favorite part)!

When they returned from their hike, she enjoyed looking around the outfitters store at Neels Gap at the start of the trail up Blood Mountain.

And on the way home, she passed out! She LOVED it, though, and has told many people what she accomplished during spring break! As a side note, Blood Mountain has been thrown out in conversation a lot by Sally Sharp since we returned home :). Before Easter, we were in the car on our way home one day, and we were discussing how Jesus had to carry his own cross up to where he was crucified. As we were talking about it, Sally Sharp busted out with, "he carried it up blood mountain?" Of course Avi and I laughed and thought it was sweet and funny. The more I think about that question, though, it is very fitting: His blood--our sins. Love how her words really made me stop and think.

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