Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MORE Random Pictures!

As I was updating the blog, I realized I had many other pictures I wanted to share from the fall school semester! So, here they are...

We love to be silly!

We slept. I love the picture of her sleeping on the couch. We came home from school one Friday afternoon. I went in the other room to get something; when I came back, she was sound asleep. Sweet girl!

We painted finger nails and toe nails!

We played at Nana's house and got to visit with Granddaddy and AnnaClaire!

I went bowling with my 10th grade Sunday School girls!

We posed for a million pictures, haha.

We went to Pumpkin Palooza in downtown Starkville.

We hammed it up in the backseat of Drew's truck.

I got to visit with a wonderful friend I hadn't seen in too long!

We enjoyed God's amazing creation. There's nothing better than a sunrise and sunset for me, especially over the lake in our neighborhood.

We read books at bedtime!

We got to tailgate and go to an MSU football game with friends! Sally Sharp ate a million chick-fil-a chicken nuggets at the tailgate, and Avi loved the skybox so much that she cried when we left :)!

We took pictures in the car before school!

We got to visit with Aunt Abbi!

My current Sunday School girls...10th graders!

My second Sunday School girls...they are 11th graders now!

My first Sunday School girls...they are seniors now. I taught them as 10th graders.

I went with our youth group to the Fall Retreat.

We played outside!

Sally Sharp started wearing big girl panties...AND she's fully potty trained. She even sleeps in panties at night (can I say major blessing?).

This girl exudes personality. She makes me laugh a million times a day, and my life wouldn't be the same without her in it!

This chick loves PreK, and she's got a kind heart. She's a wonderful big sister!

We spent time at home.

We went to cousin Walt's birthday party.

AND...we celebrated my birthday...36.

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  1. Awww I just love all these pics of your precious fam!